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Guide HIWIN HGR15 Length = 1 m

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Guide HIWIN HGR15 Length = 1 m

Other items available:

Carrello HGH15
Carrello HGW15
Carrello HGH20
Carrello HGW20
Carrello HGH25
Carrello HGW25
Carrello HGH30
Carrello HGW30
Carrello HGH35
Carrello HGW35
Carrello HGH45
Carrello HGW45
Carrello HGH55
Carrello HGW55
Carrello HGH65
Carrello HGW65
Guida HGR15R
Guida HGR20R
Guida HGR25R
Guida HGR30R
Guida HGR35R
Guida HGR45R
Guida HGR55R
Guida HGR65R

On request we can supply all the items in the catalog and the guides cut to size.

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